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EZ-Clone 128 Low Pro System – Black


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EZ-Clone 128 Low Pro System – Black

Start your own cuttings in days with the EZ CLONE 128 Low Pro! New improvements have created a cleaner, more efficient aeroponic growing system that turns out robust specimens rapidly. A more rugged, low-profile design allows the unit to operate using less water in a smaller space while maintaining a clean environment. Cell numbers are clearly labeled, making it easy to track different varieties.


No need for messy growing media
Pressurized misting stimulates dense root growth
Small reservoir maximizes water efficiency
Black UV protected HDPE plastic
Units stack easily and safely
Reusable cloning collars


Lid labeled to help track specimens
black cloning collars
Water pump with extended baseplate and suction cups for stability

Grower’s Tip:

We recommend changing the nutrient solution in these units every 1-2 weeks. As water evaporates, top off reservoir levels with 1/4 strength nutrient solution or plain water.


1 Year

Additional information

Weight 12.25 kg
Dimensions 111.76 × 20.32 × 63.50 cm