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Black Corrugated Bilge Hose 1 1/4″ X 50 FT


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Black Corrugated Bilge Hose 1 1/4″ X 50 FT

Maximum flexibility and ease of installation

Bilge hose is an accordion style housing used primarily to drain nutrient solution from a hydroponic system. A perfect solution for making homemade bucket kits. The flexible tubing allows you to place buckets where you see fit. The corrugated polythene hose is a perfect solution.


Extremely flexible and tough corrugated polythene hose for bilge intake and discharge
Molded Cuff every 12 inches for clamping
Resists oily bilge and sea water
Not recommended for below waterline thru-hull connections


1 Year

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Weight 2.61 kg
Dimensions 55.88 × 26.04 × 56.77 cm


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