Centurion Pro offers a variety of automatic bud trimmers in their award-winning line-up to suit any and all types of harvests. Whether you’re a home grower with a couple of plants, have a small or medium-sized operation, to farming on a commercial scale, there’s a Centurion Pro machine out there to save you both time money, as well as add convenience.

Why Choose Centurion Pro Trimmers?

Centurion Pro is backed by years of experience and a reputation unparalleled. Its trimmers guarantee you only quality trims that no hand trimmer can match.

Whether you run a boutique operation or are a big-game player in the cannabis industry, Centurion Pro has the perfect trimmer to match your needs or take you to the next level.

Centurion Pro has a larger blade surface area compared to its counterparts.

Whether you need to trim wet from 20 pounds to 200 pounds or trim dry from 4 pounds to 40 pounds, Centurion Pro has something that fits the bill.

CenturionPro Trimmers have larger tumbler diameters than other trimmers, which let them accommodate more flowers in every trim. The optional Quantanium tumbler features a non-stick coating, so you get 40 percent greater trichome preservation, without the chemicals.
Need something medical-grade? Centurion Pro also uses stainless steel that meets FDA and GMP standards.

Each trimmer in the product line comes with the largest in the industry, helping you reach your fullest potential in trimming.

Centurion Pro is the only trimmer brand that uses diverters to manage suction correctly. Whether you’re cutting wet or dry flowers, Centurion Pro promises perfect cuts every time.

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