Our Bubble bag 8 bag kits allow you to separate your herbal extract into 8 different grades – different plants have varying crystal sizes so this will let you keep the best possible extract from your garden.

Our screens are top quality German monofilament screens. The polyester screen is heat stamped to keep the fibers from shifting, retaining a consistent pore size and preventing contamination of your extracts.

Bubble Bags use the strongest nylon fabric. Our nylon sidewalls are 100% waterproof, 800 thread count nylon for the 5 and 20 gallon bags and 400 thread count for the 1 gallon bags. The waterproof coating is PVC free.

Stitched with 100% nylon bonded thread for extra strength.

Bubble Bags can be used for years, 100s of times.

Our eyes  and hearts are focused on quality, durability, health conscious materials and practices and support and information about the products and the industry they serve.

“Always choose quality over quantity. This rule applies to every life situation.”