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  1. A bit hard to program at first but a great unit overall

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  2. Decent product but feel this line is way overpriced

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  3. A bit hard to get used to but happy with the purchase glad it came with some solutions because i forgot to buy them lol

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  4. Used this for Spider mites and Powdery mildew on my auto flowers that i was growing. The directions tell you to soak the leaves but I would suggest doing a light misting from a distance away as I did soak the leaves and ended up with a bad burn on my plant. Overall this stuff does work, the powdery mildew was gone and hasn’t come back since, but the spider mites have unfortunately since i have been scared to use this product since. Honestly just try an affected area first (only spraying a few fan leaves) and wait for results the next day.

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  5. good kelp product spray for best results

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